Habitat for Humanity Upper Fraser Valley is an independent, non-profit housing society, dedicated to building affordable homes in partnership with families in need.  Homeowners contribute hundreds of hours of "sweat equity" and pay a no-interest mortgage on the home.  Mortgage costs are kept low by the use of volunteer labour and by the donation of funds and building materials.
Our Mission
  • A hand up, not a handout
  • Long term goal: eliminate substandard and poverty housing
  • Partnership with volunteers, homeowners, churches, businesses and communities
  • Inclusive, non-discriminatory policies
  • Non-profit, non-government organization
  • Interest-free, long term mortgage payments put into a 'revolving fund' which is used to build more houses
  • Partner families are chosen on the basis of need, ability to repay mortgage, and a willingness to partner and provide sweat equity. 
Our History
The Habitat for Humanity movement was founded in 1976 in Americus, Georgia.  The program developed from the concept of "partnership housing" where those in need of adequate shelter work side by side with volunteers from all walks of life to build simple, decent houses.
In 1984 Habitat's most famous volunteer, former US President Jimmy Carter, along with his wife, Rosalyn, participated in their first Habitat build project.  Their personal involvement in Habitat brought the organization increased visibility and sparked interest in Habitat's work throughout North America and around the world.
In 1985 the movement spread to Canada with the formation of the first Candaian affiliate in Winkler, Manitoba,  From these simple beginnnings the Habitat for Humanity movement in Canada has grown to 70 affiliates in 10 provinces and 2 territories and has been succesful in placing more than 1,000 families into new homes.
Habitat for Humanity now spans over 90 countries and is responsible for placing over 225,000 families into new homes around the world!
How we work
By focusing on the housing needs of low income families, Habitat promotes economic change from within.  Families thrivee in an improved environment and work toward economic independence.
The elimination of substandard housing is our mission.  To accomplish this mission we function as a construction company, a mortgage company, and a social service organization.  The construction company actually builds the houses, relying on tax deductible contributions of land, materials, money , and services.
In addition, the construction company coordinatoes with other groups and agencies to get the new homes built.  As a mortgage company, Habitat provides 20-year no interest loans to qualified families.  And lastly, we are a social service organization working with each new homeowner to provide help that goes beyone "here is your new house".  To make the transition into home ownership, families are offered help with money management, home maintenance, and the social change created by their change in status.